Success Career Coaching 

This 10-session starter package is an excellent way into your new work life. The first five 60-minute coaching sessions consist of specific exercises and conversations to launch you into the real world of your new career move.

Four key themes covered:

All about You
Your core values and their market price in your work life.

Ready to Launch
Uncover what you need personally and professionally to transform your working life.

A Vision for Your Life
What do YOU want to put in your plan for the next 3-5 years?

An Apprenticeship with Money
Clean up your finances and get to know your money.

If you already know this is the coaching you want click here to schedule and make payment for your first session.

Once the foundations are set with the key themes, subsequent sessions will focus on achieving results. Setting clear and achievable short-term goals as well as your long term goals broken down into bite-sized chunks that open yourself and your life up to growth, knowledge and experiencing success.

When you take actions consistent with your goals you will see results.

What might your results look like?

  • Enjoying your success by enjoying what you do everyday
  • Becoming time-rich, a key asset to happiness and satisfaction
  • Financial nous and losing the fear of not having enough
  • The ability to be creative and generate your own income
  • A new outlook on life that cultivates and supports your independence
  • The tools to self-coach and develop yourself and your work life

The 10 sessions are taken weekly and must be completed within a 12-week period. *After payment of your first session, the remaining 9 payments are due 48 hours before each scheduled session by Paypal or bank transfer.

Additionally, once you have completed the programme you will automatically acquire access to the Member’s Club. This will allow you to receive exclusive offers, invitations to top business networks and crucial networking events. Exclusive offers include:

  • Discounts and special offers on package prices
  • Priority invitation to Discovery Circle webinars
  • Member’s club preview of motivational videos

SUCCESS CAREER COACHING – to book your first session click here.

What else can you expect from this programme of one-to-one coaching?

  • A clear vision for your future in a 3-year or 5-year-plan
  • Route map to success and the tools to sustain it
  • A strong financial foundation
  • Increased number of income streams
  • Development of passive income streams
  • Self-employment set-up and status
  • Business set up information
  • A strong social media presence
  • Guidance on personal branding and how to market yourself
  • Fun, satisfaction, adventure and fulfilment

If you are still undecided, take advantage of a 30-minute Discovery Call and find out if this is for you right now. Otherwise, please go ahead and make your booking for Success Career Coaching.

I look forward to connecting with you.