What do your values mean to you?

When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.
Roy E. Disney

How I interact with clients: from the very first session we go to work on your life! Actions speak louder than words so it’s not all talk. Short-term goals get you into action and start to define your direction, out of which a plan develops. This will include an in-depth evaluation of your core values.

Values are fundamental to who we are. They depend on how and where we are raised, key influences in friends, school and college. Our values become part of how we understand, interpret and navigate the world. Awareness of core values empowers our decision making skills. Simple, right?

Try this exercise now. It will take you 30-60 minutes. Grab a notebook and pen.

1. Write down your top ten values?
Flash forward, it’s your 80th birthday. Imagine the speech you will hear from your adult child? Think also about the people you admire and what qualities you admire about them.

Our most admired qualities:
Love | Security | Health | Happiness | Money | Adventure | Travel | Honesty Marriage | Power | Passion | Integrity | Success | Freedom | Understanding Compassion | Respect | Achievements | Acceptance | Humour | Kindness Independence | Excitement | Intimacy

2. Now you have your list of 10 you can start to examine them, but first select your top 5.
Get rid of the five that resonate least with you and keep the five that you know ground you and mean the most to you.

3. Answer the following questions on your top 5 values.

  • What does each one mean to you and why?
  • Ask yourself, What is it I want and why do I want it?
  • How do your values relate to what you are seeking from your work life?
  • Which three could you not live without? These are your core values.

4. What have you discovered about yourself?
This may be one major realisation or a series of aspects that change the way you think about your current situation.

5. Write about how this discovery informs your life.
Deepen your thinking by considering how what you have seen relates to right now.

Your core values are the principles that serve as a reference point to your career and life choices.

If you have taken the time to gift yourself with doing this exercise, good work! Be inspired by your commitment. To work with me on the results of your core values, go ahead and schedule your Discovery Call.

Life coaching is life changing. Professional athletes work with a coach and look at the results they can produce. A level up from working alone for sure.

I look forward to hearing from you.