Would you like to feel accomplished in your work life with the power to do more of the things you enjoy as well as build for 
your financial freedom?

  • Career Success Coaching Programme

  • Unleash your creative earning power today!

  • With Esther Poyer, The Creative Life Coach

So you can stop...

  • Hating Mondays, living only for Fridays  while feeling stressed, stuck, bored and under valued in your job.
  • Feeling powerless and dependent on a monthly salary or partner, feeling ashamed of where you are professionally and restricted in your current job position.
  • Having those days where you find yourself alone, in tears in the toilet at your place of work?
                  If any of this sounds familiar it's time to make a change.

What you need is to take radical action and shake 
things up in your work life!

  • What you need is the confidence to tell the truth about what you really, really want your work life to be like and how YOU want to experience it;
  • to cultivate the effective habits of successful people; and
  • to develop new skills for independence in your work life as well as advance your money mind set.
Success is about being happy, which is something that everyone deserves. I am super passionate about assisting people in enjoying their working lives. I have the experience and expertise to help you transition from where you are now to where you truly want to be.
It has been 8-years since I transformed my work life to one that I love. I am no longer the woman secretly in tears at her job. I know what your fears are, I completely understand your concerns and I also know that it is possible to overcome them.

This 12-week one-to-one programme is for...

Career professionals who want to create a vision for their work life that takes rewards into account, in both cash and in kind. You will develop a renewed sense of enthusiasm, which will banish any sense of stress, shame or feeling stuck, in place of which will be the drive to take action. Radical action, that will result in you achieving your dream work life. Vision, purpose, control and being your own boss and making your own money. What's not to love?

It is ideal for you...

If you would like to love your work life EVERYDAY, put yourself on track to your ideal lifestyle where financial security and time to do the things that you love with the people you love are achievable goals. Throughout the journey you feel fulfilled, liberated and successful. You literally, love your work life EVERYDAY. 

Here's exactly what you'll receive when you join this programme

Special bonuses that come with this programme

✔️ A detailed print out of your Time Management Audit
✔️ The Career Success Guided Meditation (Mp3)

What my clients say about his programme...

I think Esther is a good listener and has great suggestions as to how to approach different issues. I also think that many of the things she suggests are very perceptive and sensitive to the person she is dealing with. I like that she takes on board things which could sometimes seem new-agey, but when coming through her seem grounded and not just cut-and-paste suggestions that disregard the individual, i.e. she generally uses these things with intelligence and personalises them well.  ~ Lisa Salem, Documentary videographer, Los Angeles US
With the guidance towards starting my new business, I felt my progress go above and beyond what I even expected. I really felt like I was genuinely being supported, which allowed me to fully believe and apply all my energy in starting and developing my new business. What I found most helpful was I really appreciated the one-to-one meetings, which allowed me to articulate ideas that may not have otherwise come out. Receiving guidance on a 1:1 basis means advice and direction is more specific. thus helping directly with my needs. 

~ Decibel Mbatika, Fashion Design Freelancer