Esther Poyer

Creative Life Coach, Entrepreneur and Writer

So, why do you do what you do? For me the answer is simple. I want to make the world a better place. As a coach I aim to assist people in enjoying their working lives. I support clients to connect with their values and true purpose to make the life choices that transform their experience of work. People who are making transitions from the workplace to self-employment, the life support of starting or scaling a business, a desire to tap into a creative interest to make a lucrative living or you are a writer requiring the motivation to start, finish or overcome writer’s block and complete a project.

As an entrepreneur The Living Fruits is my brand and it’s all about the kind of life that incorporates healthy eating, being sociable and creative, enjoying art and culture while having the most fun in the most amazing city in the world. Living well in London or whatever your favourite city, is where it’s at and The Living Fruits loves creating events, products and services that assist people in achieving a life well lived.

In creative writing I hope that what I write has the power to enable the acceptance of diversity as well as individuality. My goal is for this to become a celebrated part of being human, at which point we will know the world has become a better place.

Now and the Future: I have further plans to transform the paradigm inside which we have work for all people to enjoy what they do to make a living. — More motivational speaking is something I’d like to add to my activities. — I am writing my debut novel and I want to author a life coaching book and a vegan recipe book. — To continue to travel the world and someday soon present a TED talk in an international location.

When you are truly passionate, it is possible to find the common ground between the life you want to live and your career future.

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Looking forward to connecting with you.

The route map to success comes from freedom of choice, and when we then take actions consistent with our goals results are inevitable.

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