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How to Cause a Revolution – Esther Poyer

How to Cause a Revolution

‘Do what you love and never work a day in your life’ is true for more and more of us in the UK work economy. 

Fortunate enough to spend an evening with the Egyptian author Nawal El Saadawi, among the many stories she shared, she spoke of finding it tough growing up as a child in her homeland. Not for reasons of poverty and lack, rather, the young character she described and I would account as incredibly feisty. The kind of child and young woman who couldn’t understand why the boys and men were able to take part in life in ways that were adventurous and authoritative. It was tough for her, because she never backed down in demanding to be included in those same expectations and opportunities. She went onto say that she felt she had always been a feminist and not a view she had acquired or appropriated. Ever since this event, part of the 2012 Kwani? Litfest in Nairobi, what remains with me is her clear belief about our childhood passions. If we could hold onto the truth we are as children and live with that same intensity as adults, we would cause a revolution. The world would be a different place.

How else can we change the world?

Go on a march

The weekend of January 21, 2017 saw protestors come together in solidarity. Women all over the world marched to oppose the newly elected Trump administration. Following a poorly attended presidential inauguration the day before the women’s marches, Washington was estimated to have seen more than one million protesters gather in the capital. Chicago, Boston, Los Angeles, Seattle, Nashville, Atlanta, Houston and many more cities came out.

Up and down the country in the United Kingdom and in London, the marches were again well attended, peaceful, colourful and strong. In the next 100 days, Women’s March London have launched a new campaign to advocate ten actions that will build on the success and momentum of the march to further the movement. There were also marches in Nairobi, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Congo, Buenos Aires, Botswana, Bolivia, Prague, France, Denmark, Sweden. All four corners of the planet.

Attending a protest march on an issue that you care passionately about enables your connection with the community we can seem not to engage with in a way that allows us to speak out on our common views. If we want to see changes in the world, coming together is an essential part of the revolution.

Do what you love for a living

When it comes to career and business the saying, ‘do what you love and never work a day in your life’ is true for more and more of us in the UK work economy. Since the crash in 2008 the number of self-employed workers has risen in the seven years up to 2016 to 16% from approximately 8% in 1975. One thing we can’t actually tell from these stats is how many actually love what they do.

However, if you are in a job that you know in a year or a few months you will have outgrown, it may well be the right time to start looking for new openings. This could be about moving up the corporate ladder or a new job and it could also be about self-employment.

My mission as a coach is to assist people in enjoying their working lives. The more people I work with who are committed to and make their way successfully into self employment, the more we all become cause in this revolution. If everyone went out to work (or worked from home) and used their days to earn a living in a productive way and loved what they did, that right there would cause a revolution!

Go Vegan

The Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations have found that 18% of green house gases (GHG) are caused by the rearing of livestock for food. When a family of four goes meatless for just one day a week (Meatless Monday) one of the positive impacts on the environment is a reduction in GHGs.

The positive impact on the environment when one of us goes vegan is an absolute revolution in itself, in which case the more of us that join the movement the better. Not eating meat and derivatives of animal husbandry is a vital part of the next phase of the journey in human condition. It is of benefit to our individual and collective health, to the environment and our relationship with it, particularly our view of animals and their rights to live in harmony alongside us. Not eating meat and instead nourishing our bodies with plant based produce can be a holistic way of convening with the plant. The better acquainted we become with our connection with our planet the better the outcome of the revolution.

Causing a revolution can be public, political or personal. At it’s core it is about taking a stand for something that you are passionate about and believe in. The more invested in it you are the higher the stakes and so the level of energy and commitment you will be prepared to commit to it. Take a stand, know it’s your purpose and don’t back down until you have won or exhausted all avenues towards winning.

Comment below, your revolution.

If you don’t stand for something you will fall for anything. ~Unknown

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