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Maximise Your Profit Margin With Mindfulness and Meditation – Esther Poyer

Maximise Your Profit Margin With Mindfulness and Meditation

The Top Five Reasons to Meditate for Entrepreneurs

An environment that can spark innovation where more startups happen, it’s just the nature of the dynamic. 

In 2011 the world population was recorded to have reach 7 billion and by 2050, 70% of us will be living in an urban environment. There are good and bad aspects to this anticipated shift in human existence. The dynamics are complex, but when we live in close proximity in a city designed infrastructure we operate in a networked economy. It is an environment that can spark innovation where more startups happen, it’s just the nature of the dynamic. Despite this relatively good news our carbon footprint is a moveable feast. For instance, in not owning a car, the energy saved will evaporate on many other things that will take energy to produce. However we look at this there is a level at which we have very little control over the way in which the world evolves around us. You have zero control over how your partner reacts to your choice of blogging subject or the meal you slaved over all evening or how you drive or dress. The same is true for your work colleague, your boss or the bad manners of the checkout guy at the supermarket. Where you can begin to achieve a sense of agency is with yourself. You do have control over how you respond to it all.

As you can imagine there are literally thousands of top five, top ten and top one hundred reasons to meditate articles on the web. In truth, it is all relative and there will be aspects that benefit you more at different times and it will vary from one person to the next. These are my current recommendations.

1. A clear path for achieving your goal

Harvard Medical School research report has evidenced the effects of mindfulness and meditation. It is like brain training, because the functionality of the grey matter is improved. In life, we are somehow way too far into the belief that we have to be taking part in every aspect of an activity all of the time in order for us to succeed. In truth, sometimes we have to allow life to unfold as we stand still. Without the messy, fawning energy of attachment that will smother the very progression for which we strive. We do well to remember that we are human beings, we are not human doings.  

2. Improving our productivity.

Meditation improves your ability to think creatively, to focus your attention, improve your memory and your self-awareness. It may seem counter-intuitive to believe that sitting, without seeming to be doing anything will raise your productivity in which case, you underestimate the power of the mind. There is less of a problem in taking the focus off of the physical body and freeing yourself up for ten minutes each day to sit quietly and allow the thoughts to pass through your mind uninterrupted. Consequently, the mind will participate and contribute to the flow of your life and how you choose to live, more effectively when you are not in the way. Get out of your own way. 

3. Having control over your emotions. 

Even though this goes against my thoughts on the importance of people relating positively to one another, there are times in business when there is no room for emotion. There is no need to be unnecessarily harsh, but keeping the emotion out of the negotiation or transaction will allow for efficient decision making. It could be the difference between making or losing money, creating a post or making one redundant. We have thousands of thoughts all day everyday, marauding through our minds. This is what is it to be human. It does not mean however, that we have to be ruled or driven to distraction by your own thoughts. Meditation and mindfulness allows our brain to become discerning about what we do with what we think. Where better for this than in your business life?

4. Meditation is good for our bodies

The Chopra Centre found by Deepak Chopra in 1996 says that regular meditation ‘not only boosts the mind, but also bolsters the body.’ It is much about managing stress levels in the body, the cortisol. When we are feeling physically well, the motivation to get up and get out comes more easily. It is the foundation for all your life plans, free from depression, sleep issues, heart disease and so on. The day our doctors recommend meditation or mindfulness to patients is the day the revolution will begin.

5. A happy and relaxed state of being

This is fundamental to attracting the things you desire from life. The law of attraction theory, divides human emotion into two camps. Those that are below the line such as sadness, upset, frustration or stress. Above the line, the high vibration emotions of happiness, peace, fulfilment and satisfaction, and building from the energy of positivity will contribute to your success at winning.

The use of meditation as an entrepreneur looking to maximise your profit or any other aspect of your business, is one tool you shouldn’t leave out of your kit. It doesn’t have to mean sitting crossed leg on a mountain at the dawning of the sun. I would nevertheless totally recommend this, because it is life changing. However, mindfulness while driving, taking a shower, cultivating an awareness of your surroundings while walking the dog, a long (or short) train journey are all viable methods of mindfulness or meditation. The power of presence and being present is priceless.


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